Structured Cabling Services


Not even sure what low-voltage or structured cabling is? Simply put, it is the cabling that connects all of your network equipment, from computers and telephones to printers and security systems, to each other and to the Internet. Using our unique process that begins with an overall evaluation of your situation and continues through design and implementation of a system tailored to meet your needs and fit within your budget, Wireframe will take the mystery out of technology and put you in control of your project, while we do all the work.

Whether your space is a historical building, new construction, or a remodel, Wireframe Solutions will provide you with clear and concise information so that you can make informed decisions, and we will be at your side throughout the project to ensure that the end product is a reliable, state of the art system capable of meeting your needs and able to evolve as your business grows.

You can rely on the thoroughness of our team in the work we perform. As part of every project, all cables are tested and labeled for accuracy.

Fiber Optic Cable

In light of concerns for cyber security, fiber optic cable is a cost effective method to increase security while also providing greater bandwidth and upload/download speeds.

Fiber optic cable provides a more reliable and secure signal, with less loss of connectivity over longer distances, while also taking up less space due to its smaller size.

An investment in fiber optic cable can provide a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) when compared to other cabling options due to the durability and reliability of the fiber.

Wireless Internet Services (Wi-Fi)

Even wireless systems need cables! Wireless Internet access for your business is an essential part of your IT network. Although most workstations are plugged directly into the network, a WiFi system will provide you with the flexibility of wirelessly connecting to printers, cameras, and other components on your network. This will afford your employees many conveniences that will improve workflow and efficiency.

Once we’ve thoroughly evaluated your needs and usage, our design team will engineer a reliable Wi-Fi system allowing you to connect to the Internet from all areas of your space with any appropriate devices.

We have designed and installed computer networks for schools, government offices, real estate offices, law firms, health care facilities, financial services providers, independent service businesses, accounting firms, non-profit organizations and more.

Wireframe Solutions provides the following structured cabling services:

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